Thank You Hillcrest Primary School

23 April, 2014

This past month I received a phone call from the Hillcrest Primary School. The Grade Seven class had collected, by way of fundraising activities, R5 000 for the Dr Mike Hardwich Foundation.

Eric and I went off to address the school and it was extremely heartwarming to see the concern of these children for the animals of the underprivileged. The questions asked were also challenging and indicate great hope for the future.

The money collected enabled us to sterilise 14 animals on behalf of the school. We spent some time working out how this money could be best spent. Yvonne runs kennels in the Shongweni Valley and this remarkable lady also has an outreach program where each day she goes into the location and mentors a group of children on how to care for their animals.  Some of these children are raising their own pets and we decided that the money could best be used by enhancing Yvonne’s outreach. Eric collected the children’s dogs and we sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed them before returning them the same day to their loving, adolescent owners.

Thank you to the children of Hillcrest Primary School.

The Foundation continues to do very well thanks to the public’s generosity. In all, in the past year we have managed to now do just over 800 dogs. Shortly we hope to bring a person on board to be our Fund Raiser – he/she will approach all the schools in the area to see if Hillcrest Primary’s efforts can be repeated.