Our Purpose

Our purpose:

  1. To vaccinate and deworm the pets belonging to the disadvantaged.
  2. To sterilise such pets at no cost to the owners.
  3. To reach out to the school children in underprivileged areas and educate them with regard to the care and husbandry of their pets.

We do not intend doing any other work on these animals in order to maintain a definite focus and not get distracted in any way. The educational aspects will be undertaken by way of our staff visiting schools in the area.

Obviously the costs will be proportional to the numbers done and currently there are financial restraints – we can only do as much as our finances will tolerate. To this purpose we will be soliciting funds from any and all sources. Currently R400 will sterilise an animal (and we will try bring it down further by getting sponsorship for the drugs) and we ask you, or your company, to get involved.

Having had time to analyse the situation we are confident that for every Rand raised the only administrative cost will be that of soliciting money and the rest, at least 85%, will go directly to the animals. The Fund will have no other costs, everything being outsourced and reliant on the use of surplus capacity being ‘donated’ by the supplier.